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Saint Christina Necklace

Saint Christina the Astonishing


Saint Christina Medals

Do you know someone that suffers from depression or other mental health disorders? They may find comfort in a Saint Christina the Astonishing necklace as she is the patron saint of people with mental health issues, mental health workers, and millers.

Saint Christina was born Christina Mirabilis in Belgium and it wasn't until the apparent death that she became widely known. Having been presumed dead from a massive seizure at the age of 21, she was being prepared for burial when she surprised everyone by waking during her funeral mass. She did eventually pass away at the age of seventy-four.

Christina said that when she died the first time the angels asked her if she preferred to go to heaven or return to earth to for the release of souls in purgatory. She chose to return to earth and spent much of her life doing torturous things to herself, believing each time that her suffering would bring more souls to heaven. What is remarkable about her acts of self-affliction was that although she suffered during her torments, when complete, she always returned unharmed.

Her feast day is July 24th.


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