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Saint Francis Xavier Bracelet

Saint Francis Xavier Bracelet

Saint Francis Xavier is one of the most famous missionaries in the Catholic Church and is second only to Saint Paul for converting more people to Christianity.

Born to a wealthy family in Spain, Francis studied law in Spain and eventually went to France for further study where he met Saint Ignatius. It is here at age 24 that Francis became a priest and devoted his life to Christ.

Together with Saint Ignatius and Peter Faber the three co-founded the Society of Jesus also known as the Jesuits. The most famous of the Jesuit congregation is Pope Francis.

Following the spirit of the Jesuits, Francis Xavier traveled the world as a missionary bringing the word of Christ and the mother Church for the first time to Far East Asia. His work encouraged many other men in Europe and afar to also become missionaries.

His feast day is December 3rd. He is the patron saint of missionaries.


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