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Saint Fina Bracelet

Saint Fina Bracelet

A person with disabilities may find comfort in a Saint Fina bracelet as she too suffered physical pain and loss of movement. Even though her life was filled with tragedy and pain, she never lost her love and commitment to the Lord. She found comfort in knowing she was loved by Jesus.

Saint Fina or Saint Seraphina as she is also known, was a beautiful young girl inside and out. Born in Tuscany, Italy, her parents once wealthy became very poor. Her father died when she was very young and a few years later her mother died. After her father's death, Fina became ill and paralyzed. Soon she was left with no one to care for her. She relied on the generosity of neighbors who did what they could for her. Sadly, much of her life was spent alone and in agony.

Fina prayed to Saint Gregory the Great for intercession and received a vision from him. He said that her day to be with the Lord would come on his feast day. And indeed Fina passed away on St. Gregory's feast day and was finally at peace.

She is the patron saint of the handicapped and disabled. Her feast day is March 12 and 1st Sunday of August


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