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Saint Dunstan Bracelet

Saint Dunstan Bracelet

A great gift for a Catholic who is passionate about music too is a Saint Dunstan bracelet as he with the patron saint of music along with Saint Cecilia.

Saint Dunstan is a famous English saint who transformed the Church of England. As a young boy, he studied with scholarly monks in Ireland and was known for his artistic talents, playing the harp, and his intellect.

After being beaten by a group of the king's men who were jealous of him, Dunstan decided to become a monk. He worked as a silversmith, musician, and illustrator. With his father's inheritance, he became very influential and made huge changes to the monastic life in England. He was known for his generosity and his work as an evangelist of the faith.

His feast day is May 19th. He is the patron saint of musicians, jewelers, silversmiths, blacksmiths, and locksmiths.


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