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Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Necklace

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Necklace


Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Medals

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary is honored as a patroness of the Third Order of Saint Francis. She was born a princess but life was not easy for the young royal as her mother was murdered when Elizabeth was only six years old.

Elizabeth turned to prayer for comfort and happiness returned to her life after her pre-arranged marriage to Ludwig IV. Together they raised three children, one of which became a nun an abbess. They used their wealth to make better lives for the poor and the sick.

Throughout her marriage, Elizabeth did countless good works and in spite of her royal status, she lived a simple and devout Christian life.

After becoming a widow at the age of 20, she used her dowry to rebuild a hospital where she served the sick. She also was then allowed to join the monastery as a nun.

Her feast day is November 17. She is the patron saint of bakers, beggars, brides, charities, and against the death of children.


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