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Saint Elizabeth of the Visitation

Saint Elizabeth of the Visitation Necklace


Saint Elizabeth of the Visitation Medals

Do you know of a couple that desire to start a family but are having difficulty conceiving? They may be comforted and more hopeful if reminded of the miracle experienced by Saint Elizabeth and her husband Zechariah. As they too wished for a child and only after she became an elderly woman did God grant them a son. She becomes pregnant and gives birth to a son, John the Baptist.

Saint Elizabeth was also the Blessed Mother's cousin. When the Angel Gabriel came to tell Mary that she would conceive of the Holy Ghost, he also revealed that Elizabeth was six months pregnant and that Mary should visit her cousin. Mary did as Gabriel requested and upon Mary's entrance to see Elizabeth, Elizabeth through revelation, was already aware of Mary's blessed state and was overjoyed in the news of both their situations.

Her feast day is November 5th. She is the patron saint of pregnant women.


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