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Saint Emily Necklace

Saint Emily


Saint Emily Medals

Saint Emily is also known as Emily de Vialar. Her father was a doctor and her mother a devout Christian. Because the anti-Church sentiment in France after the revolution, Emily was baptized in secret by her mother. Her mother is also credited with teaching Emily to read and the ways of a Christ-like life.

Sadly, she lost her mother to an incurable illness at age 15. Her few comforts were found in helping the poor and the sick. Her father was very much against her pious and chaste life, but she persisted and eventually started a sisterhood called The Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Apparition with a large inheritance left to her by her grandfather. This sisterhood grew extensively over time and sent missionaries throughout the world.

Her feast day is June 17th.

St. Emily Oval Medal [HMM3094]
St. Emily de Vialar Medal [EN6107]
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St. Emily Medal [REE0078]

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