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Saint John Paul II Necklace

Saint John Paul II Necklace


Saint John Paul II Medals

When you wear your Pope John Paul II medal necklace we have a meaningful devotional to the popular and impactful Pope. Pope John Paul II was born Karol Wojtyla in Poland and lived through the Nazi invasion of Poland during World War II.

He was a very intelligent man as well as a pious one and rose through the ranks of the Church from priest to bishop to cardinal and then as pope. Pope John Paul was considered a leading thinker of the Chuch and was a contributor to the Second Vatican Council.

As pope, he served the third longest term with over 23 years of service. He is the most traveled pope as well, extensively evangelizing the faith and spreading his message of peace and faith. He was a huge proponent of human rights. He is credited with bringing down communism in Poland and throughout Europe. He also created dialogs among other religions including Judaism and Islam.

His feast day is October 22nd and he is the patron saint of Catholic youth.


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