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Saint Rene Goupil Rosaries

Saint Rene Goupil

Canada and Canadians can appeal to St. Rene Goupil, who gave his own life sacrificing for the good of the Canadian people. Consider a Saint Rene Goupil rosary as a prayerful gift for your favorite Canadian friend. Rene was born in the early 1600s in France, and as a trained surgeon, volunteered to minister as a layperson to the first French colony in Canada. After much success there, Rene went on to serve the Huron tribe. Mohawk Indians attacked Rene's traveling party, captured Rene, and tortured him brutally for two months. He died at the hands of his captors and was one of the first eight canonized North American martyrs. St. Rene is the patron saint of anesthesiologists and Canada, and his feast day is October 19.


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