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Saint Roch Rosaries

Saint Roch

Also known as St. Rocco, Saint Roch's story will have a special place in your heart if you are a dog lover or a dog owner. Pray with a Saint Roch rosary and pray for our devoted canine friends who bless us with their companionship and loyalty! St. Roch, a French orphan whose wealthy uncle cared for him, rejected the luxe life, and as a young adult, donated his sizeable inheritance to the poor and sought a life as a pilgrim. While traveling on pilgrimage, he often cured the sick and helped the unfortunate, until he himself contracted the plague, which rendered him sick, feeble, and an outcast from society. Roch found a safe place to live in a deserted cave, where a local dog brought him bread on a daily basis, and this was how Roch survived until he recovered. Upon his return to France, he was jailed as a suspected spy for years, doted on by an angel, until his death. St. Roch is the patron saint of dogs, and we celebrate his feast day on August 16.


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