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Saint Samuel Rosaries

Saint Samuel

Saint Samuel the Prophet. Samuel's name hearkens back to a sense of wisdom, repentance, and leadership. If you have a Samuel in your family, bless him with a quality Saint Samuel rosary with a centerpiece bearing this Old Testament saint's image. Samuel was the only son born of Hannah, an older, barren Old Testament figure. She promised the Lord that her son would serve God all his days if she would receive the blessing of a child. Indeed, Samuel not only served the Lord faithfully, but many, including the prophet Jeremiah, posited that he was the greatest prophet, aside from Moses. Not only a prophet, but a judge as well, Samuel played vital roles in the life of the Jewish people: warning of the need for repentance, anointing young David as King, and serving as counselor, prophet, and priest until his dying day. St. Samuel's feast day is February 16.


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