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Saint Susanna Rosaries

Saint Susanna

As the persecution of Christians and attacks on Christians increase around the world, allow Saint Susanna to be a constant reminder to persevere, even when the whole world seems to be against you. Do you know someone who lives her Faith fearlessly in this secular world? Bless her with a quality Saint Susanna rosary. As we have seen often with Roman emperors, they frequently attempted to force marriage upon young women of their liking, or to do so for their male relatives. Brutal Emperor Diocletian, known for large-scale persecutions of Christians, pegged secret Catholic Susanna as a possible wife for his son-in-law. He was enraged when she refused, due to her vow to remain celibate as well as her distaste for marrying into a family with bloodlust for Christians. To add insult to injury, she converted two of Diocletian's close relatives to Christianity. Susanna was martyred for living her Faith in the face of death. St. Susanna's feast day is August 11, and she is the patroness of martyrs.


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