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Saint Scholastica Rosaries

Saint Scholastica

Twins are a special double blessing. Saint Scholastica and Saint Benedict were a remarkable set of twins in Catholic history. If you have a twin sister or are acquainted with twins, a quality Saint Scholastica rosary is a tangible reminder of the sacred, unspoken bond of twins. St. Scholastica and St. Benedict were twins in the 400s who both followed the call to religious life, Scholastica to a convent five miles down the road from Benedict's own monastery, Monte Cassino. Although separated most of the year by their religious obligations, they committed to an annual meeting at a farm midway between the two religious houses. At one of their yearly spiritual gatherings, Scholastica begged her brother to stay one night to spend more time together, as she felt certain she would not live much longer. Insistent that he would not break his monastery's rule by spending the night outside of the monastery (Rule of Benedict), he refused her request to stay. But by Scholastica's fervent prayer to God, such an intense thunderstorm boomed all night that Benedict was forced to stay and pray the night away with his twin sister. That was their last meeting. Soon afterward, at the moment of Scholastica's death, Benedict saw a dove rising to the heavens and knew instantly that his dear sister had passed into eternal life. St. Scholastica is the patron saint of nuns, and her feast day is February 10.


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