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Honoring the Legacy of Mary Jo Wagaman: The Gift of the Rosary for First Communicants

When Mary Jo Wagaman passed away, her grandchildren gifted the First Communicants of St. Mary’s Catholic Church with a special gift package of a rosary, rosary prayer pamphlets, and first communion prayer cards in honor of their grandmother’s deep devotion to her faith. Read on to learn more about the story behind this meaningful gift and the importance of the rosary in the life of Mary Jo Wagaman.


Honoring the Special Role of a Grandparent – The Ones Who Come Before Us

My daughter, Brigit, is sure her grandmother holds the magic key to baking. They spent a long afternoon in the kitchen recently, trying to create a winning cake for a contest at the county fair. I stood in the entryway, feeling a bit jealous. Brigit was doing everything Grandma asked, without any complaints. Amazing! “Now […]