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Tapping into the Spirit of Thanksgiving, Catholic Traditions

We all look forward to having a delicious dinner with the family on Thanksgiving but there’s more to this occasion than just eating roast turkey and stuffing. Meaningful thanksgiving traditions help us remember the true essence of this wonderful holiday which is gratitude.


November is Gratitude Month

The month of November is a great time to focus on gratitude. I teach my Sunday School students to learn this phrasing from Psalm 136: “We give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love endures forever!” It’s good to remind kids every day about how much we have to be grateful for. […]


The Best Thanksgiving Stuffing Ever! Prayer

I suspect there are thousands of ways to stuff a turkey. I’ve been looking for a new recipe since my kids aren’t fond of the celery, onion & butter variety that my mother made throughout my childhood. At our house, we’ve tried stuffing with apples, walnuts, bacon and oatmeal. We’ve tried different spices and different […]