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Safeguard Your Home with the Protection of Saint Benedict

Discover the powerful intercession of Saint Benedict in protecting your home. Explore the significance of Saint Benedict’s medal and the prayers associated with him, as well as practical tips for invoking his aid in securing your household against spiritual and physical threats.


Who is the patron saint of pandemics? It may not be who you think…

​During times of pandemics we turn to who is the patron saint of pandemics for protection and spiritual guidance to help see us through.  Many, incorrectly, attribute this to be Saint Corona but in fact he is Saint Roch, or San Rocco in Italian. Quick Navigation ​Who is Saint Roch?​How do you​ invoke Saint Roch’s […]


The Story of Saint Basil the Great

Saint Basil the Great is considered very influential in the history of Christian liturgy. Although it is not clear which parts of the Divine Liturgies credited to him are actually his work, it is accepted that a vast corpus of prayers that he created has survived in different churches in Eastern Christianity.

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