Practical and Spiritual Survival Guide for Coronavirus

In times like the Coronavirus pandemic, where the majority of the world is affected, we need a practical and spiritual guide to search and find solace with.The COVID-19 pandemic has filled our lives with a growing list of unknowns: How long with the pandemic last? Will I get sick? Will one of my loved ones […]


Four Reasons Catholic Gifts Are Profoundly Meaningful

The ideal Catholic gift is perfectly matched to the recipient and is not a mass-produced toy or gadget. Rather, it serves a deeper purpose and is timeless, something that will be valued and prized for years, even generations to come.


Purgatory and Indulgences

November is the time when the Catholic Church focuses on specific prayers and actions for all souls who are waiting for purification in Purgatory.
At Mass the Church will set aside time for special prayers for the dead and other acts. You too can help relieve the suffering of those in Purgatory. This assistance is known as an indulgence and there are specific acts and prayers that can lift the departed souls out of Purgatory and into Heaven.


Why is Prayer So Powerful?

Prayer strengthens us in our daily battles against the Devil and temptation. Our lives are one enormous spiritual war, and prayer gets us battle-ready.


How to Follow the First Two Great Commandments

We are part of God’s spiritual family but this does not make us perfect or immune to our sinful nature. Our rights and responsibilities as Catholics guide us in how we express and exercise our faith in the world.

Let us look at what the first two great commandments are and what they mean:


The Difference Between Mercy and Compassion

One of God’s greatest teachings is to love our neighbors just as we love ourselves. It is impossible to be capable of love without feeling mercy and compassion.

Both mercy and compassion refer to the concern we feel for people in need. But although they seem synonymous in the surface, and their usage is sometimes interchanged, they have significant differences.


Share the GOOD NEWS! Catholic Evangelization in the Modern World

Catholic evangelization is one of the main responsibilities of the church and it is as relevant today as it was in the formative years of the early Christian church. The Catholic Church is not just an evangelizer, she is a community made up of believers. As members of the Catholic Church, we all share the responsibility to spread the good news to others.


Demonic Oppression and How to Deal with It

Are you struggling in your spiritual life? Do you find yourself feeling indifferent toward your religious convictions? If so, you might be experiencing demonic oppression.

Demonic oppression may sound like the stuff that horror movies are made of but it is a very real concern for us Catholics.


The Key Differences Between Salvation and Redemption

Salvation and redemption are at the core of our Catholic Faith. You have probably read about salvation in the bible or heard the word redemption during mass. Are these two concepts interchangeable? What are their key differences?


The Real Meaning Of Pilgrimage For Catholics

A pilgrimage is a journey that pilgrims make to a place that is considered holy. To us Catholics, a pilgrimage is more than just traveling to historic sites and viewing religious relics. It is a journey with a deeper and more spiritual meaning.


The Importance of Charity Work for Catholics

As Catholics we have been taught about charity work through the gospels and various practices like outreaches. Thomas Aquinas esteems charity as “the most excellent of the virtues.” What does charity mean in the context of the Catholic Faith and why is charity work important to us as Catholics?


How To Use Holy Water: 10 Ways To Use Holy Water To Sanctify Your Life

Growing up in the Catholic Faith you probably wondered about the water basins put up at the entrance of the church and why the water contained inside it is considered holy. Holy Water is an important part of the Catholic Religion and there are many uses for it. To better appreciate its significance in various Catholic traditions and practices, let’s first understand its history and the meaning of Holy Water.


The Meaning of Living By Faith

Faith is at the center of our lives as Catholics but what does living by faith truly mean? To live by faith in today’s world can be quite a challenge especially because contemporary culture conditions us to value hard facts and accuracy and faith is quite the opposite of these things. Faith requires a certain degree of uncertainty and surrender. It can be quite intimidating when we think about it.


Is going to Church every Sunday necessary for Catholics?

Going to church every Sunday is one of the most basic traditions that we associate with our Catholic faith. We have been taught to go to church and attend mass at an early age but is it really necessary for Catholics? Is going to church every Sunday still relevant in today’s times


The Truth About Spiritual Warfare and Why It is Important To Pray

We live in a world that values cold logic and reason so a term like “spiritual warfare” may seem irrational, even impossible for many “modern” and “intellectual” people. However, spiritual warfare is very real and it is not just limited to exorcisms and casting out demons. As children of God, we engage in an unseen battle every day and what’s at stake is our most prized possession; our soul.


A Guide for Confession: Tips For A Better Confession

Confession, also known as the Sacrament of Penance or Reconciliation, is an important tradition in our Catholic Faith. After baptism, it is required that we claim forgiveness for wrongdoing by confessing our sins at church.
Through the powerful act of confessing our sins, we are reconciling ourselves with God and reconnecting with our church family. Confession heals our soul and lets us reclaim God’s grace.


Catholic Ten Commandments in Modern Times

As the popular adage says, “the times they are a changin.’” Good or bad, there’s no denying that the world is constantly changing—whether it’s politically, technologically, environmentally, socially, etc. One thing that remains unchanged is the relevance of the Ten Commandments even through modern times. Although some of the words and phrases are archaic—thou, false witness, shall not, etc.—the message of these centuries-old commandments are as relevant today as they were when they were first presented by God to Moses, well before Jesus’ time.

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