The Faithful Four – Jesus Mary Joseph Christopher

The practice of wearing religious medals dates back to the 16th century when Pope St. Pius V began blessing medals containing the images of Jesus and Blessed Mary. As Catholics, wearing a medal is an outward expression of our faith. It tells the world, I am a follower of Christ.


Don’t Forget to Take Jesus on Your Next Vacation

As the school year winds down, school uniforms and backpacks will soon get banished to the backs of closets as bathing suits, suitcases and beach bags see the light of day once again. Kids aren’t the only ones longing for vacation–adults usually wait all year to take a much-needed break from their hectic schedules during […]


Do you forget to pray? A prayer altar is a visual reminder to pray

How many times have you watched an old movie or read a historical novel and told yourself, “I don’t know how they did it back then.” You can’t imagine living during a time where you had to wash and dry your clothes without the help of your energy-efficient washer and dryer, or prepare dinner minus […]


Leprechauns Know Where the Real Treasure is Located!

My mom is 87 years old and she’s a “leprechaun!” The story starts many years ago… When she had six little kids at home, Mary Costello pulled out a “Wearin’ Green” box every year during this week preceding St. Patrick’s Day. Whether we liked it or not, each of her children wore wide green belts, […]


November is Gratitude Month

The month of November is a great time to focus on gratitude. I teach my Sunday School students to learn this phrasing from Psalm 136: “We give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love endures forever!” It’s good to remind kids every day about how much we have to be grateful for. […]


Back to School Lesson 1: Money Can’t Buy Me Love (or Happiness)

Here in New Mexico it is officially Back-to-School time at every store.  New trinkets, “Design your Locker” sets, teacher bribery items and kid clothes that get sexier every year.  Stores will take any turning of the calendar as occasions to ramp up the “gimmey, gimmies, plea-z-z-” in our kids! What’s a mother to do? Society […]


God Invites You to a Journey of Faith. The Pilgrimage.

By Judith Costello When we think of “vacation” we often imagine heading for the beach or the mountains to relax and unwind, while the kids are pleasantly occupied with new outdoor distractions. But sometimes, what we really need is “soul liberation!”  Our souls, perhaps more than our bodies, need the opportunity to SOAR by experiencing […]


The Most Amazing Promise Ever Given

The mortician in our small town has seen a lot of things. During Lent this year there have been a “larger than average” number of deaths in our Catholic community, he says. But to us, it’s not a number. It’s a lot of mourning. Yet, the great promise of our faith is that these deaths […]

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