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Revisiting the Christmas Story

The Christmas story is referred to many times throughout the Bible. It captures the beautiful gift that God gave to humankind which is the gift of His only son, Jesus Christ. Christmas reminds us of how Jesus became human in order to save us but it is not just the account of his birth. The Christmas story also lets us see how Christ’s arrival transformed the lives of the people surrounding Him.


The History of Christmas Day

To many of us, Christmas Day and December have become irrevocably intertwined but did you know that during the first 300 years of Christianity, the birth of Jesus Christ wasn’t observed in December? In fact, sometimes Christmas Day wasn’t observed on a particular date at all.


5 Christmas Day Traditions for Catholic Families

As members of the Catholic Faith, we should all be excited for Christmas Day not because of the parties, delicious food and merrymaking but because of the spiritual meaning behind this holiday. This once-a-year occasion reminds us of Jesus Christ’s birth, an extraordinary event that shows us just how much God loves us. Many families gather together on Christmas day to celebrate and spend time with one another. Here are 5 ideas on how you and your family can make your get-together more meaningful.


Yes, Virginia There Is a St. Nicholas

The feast of St. Nicholas is celebrated on December 6 each year and marks the anniversary of the death of the saint known as the generous gift-giver. Born in the 3rd century, there is not a lot of documented history about St. Nicholas’ life, but after extensive research, historians have been able to amass ample […]


Where Does The Nativity Come From Anyway?

Whether it’s a small nativity consisting of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Joseph, and the Christ child, or an elaborate scene complete with a stable, animals, and the three kings, displaying the nativity scene, or crèche, has long been a Christmas tradition in the Catholic Church.


Christmas Tales, Father Larry’s Cat

Father Larry’s Cat This is our babies’ First Christmas. “How sweet,” you say.  Well, not really… That’s because one “baby” is a cat named Freckle. The fat cat fights with baby #2, an overgrown puppy. Between the two of them we have Christmas troubles. Freckle came to us on the fourth of July. Independence Day […]