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Saint Pius V Saved Europe with the Rosary!

Pope Saint Pius V, born Antonio Ghislieri, was ruler of the Papal States and head of the Catholic Church from January 8, 1566 until he passed away on 1572. He was the one responsible for assembling the alliance of Catholic states to fight off the Ottoman Empire’s advancement in Eastern Europe.


Role of the Papal Conclave; Electing a New Pope

A papal conclave is important to us members of the Catholic Faith on so many levels. To better understand the historical, cultural and personal significance of a papal conclave we need to know what this process is about.


Origins and History of the Catholic Church

According to the 2017 Annuario Pontifico (Pontifical Yearbook), there are about 1.287 billion Catholics in the world in 2015. As a major world religion, the Catholic Church provides many interesting insights into the religious history of the world. We, as members of the Catholic Faith, will find it useful to know about the history of the Catholic Church so that we can better appreciate its teachings and traditions.


Priesthood Sunday — The Second “Father’s” Day

Did you know that in some Catholic Churches throughout the country they celebrate Father’s Day twice a year? In addition to the well-known Father’s Day held the third Sunday in June each year when children honor their dads (and apologize for all the grey hairs they’ve caused throughout the years) the last Sunday in October is Priesthood Sunday and is set aside to thank our spiritual fathers—priests.


Pope Francis’ Signature Piece of Jewelry—the Pectoral Cross

In a world where appearances count, the way Pope Francis chooses to dress and adorn himself speaks volumes about his quiet, meek persona. Unlike many of his predecessors, Pope Francis chooses to wear a simple white cassock and pectoral cross when he’s seen in public.From the first moment Pope Francis stepped out on the balcony […]


Blessed Pope John Paul II – The Suffering Servant Pope

Oct. 22 is now the official feast day for Bl. John Paul in Rome and throughout Poland. Feast days for “Blesseds” are not universally inserted into the general calendar however. The date was chosen because it is the anniversary of John Paul’s inauguration as Pope in 1978. The Suffering Servant Pope Blessed John Paul II […]