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Outdoor Garden Statue Buying Guide

Are you looking for a beautiful statue of the Blessed Mother to adorn your garden? Maybe you prefer a statue of Christ, a Guardian Angel or your favorite patron saint. Regardless of your choice, there are a few important things to consider when deciding on an outdoor garden statue. Statue Material and the Weather The […]


Embrace the Crucifix instead of a plain cross? What’s a Catholic to do?

Both the cross and the crucifix are important symbols in the Catholic Faith. To non-Catholics these two may look similar but certain meaningful differences exist between them and these differences can mean a lot to Catholic devotees. As a result, some Catholics may struggle in deciding whether to embrace a crucifix or just stick to a plain cross for use in their daily spiritual devotion.


Which Catholic Bible is Right for Me?

These are the words of St. Isadore (560-636 AD) on what we gain when we pray and read the Catholic Bible regularly. How many times have you felt alone trying to figure out life’s rough patches, or needed words of wisdom and encouragement, or have given up praying because God doesn’t seem to answer? Lots of times, right?


Inspired To Paint St. Catherine of Bologna – A Customer Story

Dear Catholic Faith Store, Last month I purchased a medal of St. Catherine of Bologna. I bought this while I was starting on a painting of St. Catherine. I took an interest in her after seeing the movie Monuments Men. I’ve always had an interest in history of all kinds and I’ve also found that […]


The Crucifix — Why Displaying It in Your Home Matters

The crucifix is one of the most recognizable images in the world and for many it evokes a range of emotions. The crucifix is a powerful image. Unlike a simple cross, the wall crucifix features the figure of Christ being crucified.