Weatherproofing Your Catholic Garden Statue

Angel Statue in Prayer GardenHaving a statue of Jesus, a patron saint, an angel, and / or the Blessed Mother Mary in your garden will not only add interest to your garden but it will create a faithful presence in your daily life.

With your favorite devotional statues set in place it is now time to protect them from the damages of the cold and heat. You can take a few simple steps to preserve and protect your beautiful sculptures for years to come.

Don’t let rain, wind and heat destroy your statues. The outdoor elements are continually trying to test the integrity of your statue and over time even the best manufactured statues will suffer damage and fading.

Every year you need to take these simple steps to stay ahead of Mother nature.

Step 1: Identify Material of Your Garden Statue

Statue Material
There are specific cleaning and protecting methods for different materials. Some common materials you will find in statues are; concrete, marble, and resin. Search online for the statue you have in your garden. You can find information on the statue at the online store or vendor that you purchased from.

Step 2: Cleaning Your Garden Statue

Cleaning your Catholic Garden Statue
Making sure that you properly clean your statue is really important. Before you begin preserving your statue, clean it carefully. Use a combination of a non-harsh soap and water and then let it dry completely. Don’t forget to clean the base and the folds too!

Things you will need

Concrete / Resin

  • A lint free cloth
  • Warm water
  • Soft brush (tooth brush) if there is excess dirt or grime
  • Soap or non abrasive organic cleaning solutions like Simplegreen

Painted Resin

  • A lint free cloth
  • Don’t use much water
  • Very Soft brush, but be careful not to remove the paint
  • For serious dirt removal, use bleach and water mixture in a misting spray bottle


  • A lint free cloth
  • White Vinegar
  • Warm water

Step 3: Protecting & Preserving Your Garden Statue

Protect Your Garden Statue
The very best way to protect your statues in extreme cold and heat is to temporarily take the statue inside. If you are protecting a painted resin statue, you can use a UV protecting finishing spray that will help slow down the process of fading. Moving statues, especially large statues or statues that are affixed to a surface isn’t practical so let’s go over a few ways to create a water resistant and sun resistant layer over your garden statue.

Things you will need

Concrete / Resin

  • UV/Water sealant finishing spray or Thompson’s water sealant
  • A small paint brush if you are applying the water sealant
  • Tarp, drop cloth or old sheet
  • Well ventilated & clean outdoor area

Painted Resin

  • Car wax to coat the statue and wipe off any excess residue
  • Lint free cloth


  • A wax or water sealant
  • Lint free cloth
  • Paint brush

Get started protecting your statue by adding the finishing spray

  • First, make sure your are in a well ventilated area.
  • Put down a tarp, sheet or newspaper under the statue to protect the surface beneath
  • Spray the statue with short bursts of spray, releasing the button at the end of each pass
  • Cover the entire statue and let stand for 1 hour
  • Add more coats as necessary

Now that you are finished

Place your beautiful and protected statue in your favorite place in the garden. Take a photo and send it to us here! Make sure you put a note on your calendar to repeat the process every year so you can keep the statue for a very long time.

My Favorite Catholic Garden Statues

Sleeping Angel Garden Statue - 12.25"W

This is a lovely sleeping angel garden statue made of resin and measuring 12.25″W.

Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane Statue

“It is always a delight doing business with you. The customer service from Rhonda is great, prompt feedback and up to date information on the purchase / transaction!”

St. Francis Garden Statue with Horse - 25.5"

“He arrived sooner than expected and was more beautiful in person than the photo. Thank you for providing such a wonderful piece that I may enjoy everyday in my home. I love it !”

Our Lady of Lourdes Statue 26.5"

“she is absolutely gorgeous. i was nervous about what she would look like and other then her vail and gown being more beige (which worked out better for me because the grotto is marble and now she is very visable) the detail is amazing. she is truely beautiful. i was NOT disappointed. i would highly recommend this statue.

  • Torrey Meyer says:

    Do you know of any type of a clear plastic cover for a statue about 3 feet high? I just want it for the winter.

  • G. Watkins says:

    This information was very helpful, but my piece is of fiberglass. Should I use the same cleaning recommended here. My piece has been in the garden about 10 years.

    • beeh says:

      As far as cleaning goes, we recommend to wipe clean using a soft sponge, some water and a mild soap detergent at least twice a year. Unfortunately, we can not recommend this method of protection for fiberglass pieces. Chemicals may possibly be abrasive to your statue. We hope this helps. Thank you for taking time to read our blog!

  • Kathleen says:

    Is there a Store/Studio in New Jersey that I can go to for Help with question about Painting a 25″ tall “White /Unpainted” (possibly Resin or Plastic?) Statue of Our Blessed Mother? I am willing to paint it myself but I need: 1.) to purchase required supplies, 2.) advice /instruction Thank You!

    • Caroline King says:

      We recommend you do a google search for your local area using key words, how to paint and protect plastic/resin statues, to see what is in your area. Your local hardware store paint expert should also have some recommendations on product and how to apply.

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