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Guardian Angels: Our Heavenly Companions

Explore the profound significance of Guardian Angels in the Catholic faith. Learn about their role in guiding and protecting us and discover how to strengthen your connection with these heavenly companions.


Prayers to Saint Raphael

Saint Raphael is known as the patron saint of medical workers and matchmakers. He is one of seven Archangels who stand before the throne of the Lord and is often given credit for seeing the light of heaven and for receiving all good things through his intercession.


Guardian Angel Prayer

Angels are servants and messengers of God, and God in His infinite mercy assigns each one of us a guardian angel to walk with us on our personal journey to help us avoid spiritual dangers and prepare our way to heaven. The guardian angel prayer is a simple prayer that asks our guardian angel to help make our paths straight, to guide our steps and to light our way.


St. Michael the Archangel — Our Great Defender

Whether he’s referred to as St. Michael, St. Michael the Archangel, or Prince of the Heavenly Host, this powerful angel has been entrusted by God with the great mission of helping to defeat Satan and to shield God’s children from the forces of evil on earth.St. Michael is one of the three main archangels mentioned […]


The Feast of the Archangels

In my catechism classroom I tell my students to “leave room for your angels.” It’s a way to keep them from poking and annoying each other by sitting too close. But I also want to remind them that our angels are always with us, and they have an important role. At the time, I didn’t […]


Angels As Every Day Helpers – The Biggest Angel Feast is September 29th

I always remember the feast day of the archangels because of the numbers: 9-29. My son Peter was born on 12-29, so I guess the symmetry of the numbers is a handy device for my memory.  But I didn’t really think about the importance of these angels until I met an exorcist. Father Mottet passes […]