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Corona Virus Prayer

​Let us pray together so that we may beat this scourge that is upon us:Heavenly Father,We are living in a time of uncertainty and fear.In our search for answers and reassurance, we are often left with more questions and greater anxiety.As we navigate this challenging time, it is easy to give into worry and fear, […]


Prayers to Saint Agatha

We often pray for Saint Agatha’s intercession in our lives. Saint Agatha is the patron saint of nurses and of breast cancer. Our nurses provide care to so many and they do so with love and respect for each patient. They are with us in our time of need and suffering.


Prayers for the Sick

Whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional there are many times in all of our lives when we find ourselves in need of healing. When we face a challenge, we often reach within ourselves to find the inner strength or reach out to others for help to overcome our difficulties. While relying on our inner resolve and turning to others for support and guidance is helpful, we mustn’t forget an important first step: turning to the Master Healer: God.