Prayers to Saint Agatha

We often pray for Saint Agatha's intercession in our lives. Who is Saint Agatha? She is the patron saint of nurses and of breast cancer. Our nurses provide care to so many and they do so with love and respect for each patient. They are with us in our time of need and suffering.

Agatha was a virgin woman, living circa 250 A. D., who rejected advances from a Roman senator. Accusing her of being a Christian, the senator ordered her breasts cut off as punishment. As she stayed in her prison cell, Saint Peter returned them with a “celestial ointment”.

Prayer to Saint Agatha

Patroness against breast disease
Lord God, 
You showered heavenly gifts
on the virgin Agatha. Hear
the prayers of those who recall
her devoted life and who ask
her to intercede for them
in their necessity.
Help us imitate her virtues
during our earthly life
and enjoy eternal happiness
with her in heaven.

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Saint Agatha
Saint Agatha