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What Are the Holy Days of Obligation?

In the Catholic Faith, holy days of obligation are days that require us to attend Mass. Sunday is described as the “primordial holy day of obligation,” according to the Code of Canon Law, hence we are expected to go to church on this day but there are other special days as well.


Priesthood Sunday — The Second “Father’s” Day

Did you know that in some Catholic Churches throughout the country they celebrate Father’s Day twice a year? In addition to the well-known Father’s Day held the third Sunday in June each year when children honor their dads (and apologize for all the grey hairs they’ve caused throughout the years) the last Sunday in October is Priesthood Sunday and is set aside to thank our spiritual fathers—priests.


Why the Church Celebrates the Feast of Christ the King

Each year the Church celebrates the Feast of Christ the King on the last Sunday before Advent, also known as the last Sunday of the liturgical year. As Catholics, we’ve been recognizing Christ as our King for over 2,000 years. Each time we attend mass, genuflect in front of the altar, or receive a sacrament, […]