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Safeguard Your Home with the Protection of Saint Benedict

Discover the powerful intercession of Saint Benedict in protecting your home. Explore the significance of Saint Benedict’s medal and the prayers associated with him, as well as practical tips for invoking his aid in securing your household against spiritual and physical threats.


Embrace New Beginnings with Catholic Home Blessing Gifts 

Discover the perfect Catholic Home Blessing Gifts for new homeowners at the Catholic Faith Store. From personalized wall crucifixes to guardian angel statues, explore our collection of spiritual and sentimental gifts to bring comfort, inspiration, and blessings to their new living spaces.


What flowers do you plant for a Mary garden?

Discover the top flowers to plant in your Mary garden, a peaceful space dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Learn how to create a serene and contemplative atmosphere with our tips and suggestions.


Home Decor: How to Create a Sacred Space

Learn how to use Catholic prayer cards as a beginner with this comprehensive guide. Explore the history and significance of prayer cards and discover how to incorporate them into your prayer life.


Honoring the Legacy of Mary Jo Wagaman: The Gift of the Rosary for First Communicants

When Mary Jo Wagaman passed away, her grandchildren gifted the First Communicants of St. Mary’s Catholic Church with a special gift package of a rosary, rosary prayer pamphlets, and first communion prayer cards in honor of their grandmother’s deep devotion to her faith. Read on to learn more about the story behind this meaningful gift and the importance of the rosary in the life of Mary Jo Wagaman.


Practical and Spiritual Survival Guide for Coronavirus

In times like the Coronavirus pandemic, where the majority of the world is affected, we need a practical and spiritual guide to search and find solace with.The COVID-19 pandemic has filled our lives with a growing list of unknowns: How long with the pandemic last? Will I get sick? Will one of my loved ones […]


What Does the Catholic Church Say About Gun Control?

Abortion. Euthanasia. Sacramental marriage. Artificial birth control. There is no question where Holy Mother Church stands on these issues. She frequently sounds the clarion call to remind us of our moral obligations in murky, godless societies. But what about gun control? Is there an undeniably clear Catholic position? Does your gun control position affect your salvation?


How to Keep the Faith Alive in Young Catholics After Confirmation

Much like Easter, Confirmation suffers a mental ‘exit point’ for many young Catholics. As Easter is looked upon as the end of parent-imposed Lenten fast, some Catholic children treat Confirmation as the end of having anything to do with going to Mass or living a Christian life.


5 Excuse-Proof Ways to Getting to Sunday Mass

Maintaining a weekly Mass attendance is probably more important than ever. Still, the temptation to make excuses will be strong. What if you live in a country that’s not predominantly Catholic? What if family circumstances get in the way? What if your job is compromised?

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