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Back to School Lesson 1: Money Can’t Buy Me Love (or Happiness)

Here in New Mexico it is officially Back-to-School time at every store.  New trinkets, “Design your Locker” sets, teacher bribery items and kid clothes that get sexier every year.  Stores will take any turning of the calendar as occasions to ramp up the “gimmey, gimmies, plea-z-z-” in our kids! What’s a mother to do? Society […]


Summer Reading List for Catholic Children

Summer Reading for Catholic Children By Judith Costello and family Kids need to flex their literacy muscles over the summer! Reading strengthens the mind and imagination. But the content of this material is important too. So we have developed a special list of Catholic books for children. From the 12,000 books in our house (my […]


The Law of the Gift

Growing up, I was number three in a family of six children. I remember when my younger brother wanted to give a gift on the day I turned eight or nine. John was probably five at the time. He ran upstairs to his bedroom and came back with his favorite truck which he held out […]


The REAL Treasure

When you were a kid, didn’t you always love reading stories about the search for buried treasure? These very words conjure up images of a great adventure, facing dangers, following an ancient map, persevering against all odds…and then finally winning the great reward—a chest filled with wonders and beauty! When I started this past year […]


The Most Amazing Promise Ever Given

The mortician in our small town has seen a lot of things. During Lent this year there have been a “larger than average” number of deaths in our Catholic community, he says. But to us, it’s not a number. It’s a lot of mourning. Yet, the great promise of our faith is that these deaths […]


On the Feast of the Annunciation: When a Woman Says “YES”

It’s hard to imagine what it was like for Mary. She was young and newly betrothed when she said “yes” to becoming the virgin mother of our Lord. Though she had an immaculate soul and had consecrated her life to God, it didn’t mean she could see into the future, anymore than any mom can […]


Teaching Your Children About St. Joseph the Worker and Husband

St. Joseph, Worker and Husband –Solemnity March 19 During the month of March we celebrate the life of St. Joseph, the patron saint of workers and patron saint of a happy death. As I was thinking about this I overheard a teenager say, “Work? I’m allergic to it!” The value of “work” has seen a […]


Honoring the Special Role of a Grandparent – The Ones Who Come Before Us

My daughter, Brigit, is sure her grandmother holds the magic key to baking. They spent a long afternoon in the kitchen recently, trying to create a winning cake for a contest at the county fair. I stood in the entryway, feeling a bit jealous. Brigit was doing everything Grandma asked, without any complaints. Amazing! “Now […]

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