Inspired To Paint St. Catherine of Bologna – A Customer Story

Customer Painting of St. Catherine
Dear Catholic Faith Store,

Last month I purchased a medal of St. Catherine of Bologna. I bought this while I was starting on a painting of St. Catherine. I took an interest in her after seeing the movie Monuments Men. I’ve always had an interest in history of all kinds and I’ve also found that art is the best way to explore history. With those interests combined, that leads to research. When I start on a painting, I like to research what I paint. I would just like to share the photo of my painting with you, which is 11″x14″ and done in acrylic on linen. Right now I am starting on a painting of Joan of Arc.

In the fall I plan on showing this piece at Phillip’s Mill in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

I’ll be back in touch. With this I think that I will also be doing a painting of St. Margaret, and St. Michael. Take care and God Bless.


Customer Painting of St. Catherine