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The Beginning of “Beginning Apologetics” – An Origin Story

The Complete Beginning Apologetics Series by Jim Burnham and Fr. Frank Chacon How it BeganThey say everyone loves an origin story. The Beginning Apologetics series of booklets began in 1993. For me, that was a big year for little things. I had my first little child, bought my first little home, and accidently self-published my […]


Guardian Angels: Our Heavenly Companions

Explore the profound significance of Guardian Angels in the Catholic faith. Learn about their role in guiding and protecting us and discover how to strengthen your connection with these heavenly companions.


What flowers do you plant for a Mary garden?

Discover the top flowers to plant in your Mary garden, a peaceful space dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Learn how to create a serene and contemplative atmosphere with our tips and suggestions.


The History and Significance of the Rosary

Discover the rich history and significance of the Rosary, a beloved Catholic prayer. Learn about the origins of the Rosary and its importance in Catholic devotion and find out how to incorporate this powerful prayer into your own spiritual practice.


What is Our Lady of Sorrows Feast?

I was recently asked what is the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows and why is it significant? I answered by reminding them that we all grow up knowing that Mary is the mother of Jesus. Many faith traditions honor Mary as not only the mother of Christ, but also as our mother. “Mother Mary” […]


Who is the patron saint of pandemics? It may not be who you think…

​During times of pandemics we turn to who is the patron saint of pandemics for protection and spiritual guidance to help see us through.  Many, incorrectly, attribute this to be Saint Corona but in fact he is Saint Roch, or San Rocco in Italian. Quick Navigation ​Who is Saint Roch?​How do you​ invoke Saint Roch’s […]


Corona Virus Prayer

​Let us pray together so that we may beat this scourge that is upon us:Heavenly Father,We are living in a time of uncertainty and fear.In our search for answers and reassurance, we are often left with more questions and greater anxiety.As we navigate this challenging time, it is easy to give into worry and fear, […]


Why is Prayer So Powerful?

Prayer strengthens us in our daily battles against the Devil and temptation. Our lives are one enormous spiritual war, and prayer gets us battle-ready.


Saint Pius V Saved Europe with the Rosary!

Pope Saint Pius V, born Antonio Ghislieri, was ruler of the Papal States and head of the Catholic Church from January 8, 1566 until he passed away on 1572. He was the one responsible for assembling the alliance of Catholic states to fight off the Ottoman Empire’s advancement in Eastern Europe.


Prayers to Saint Agatha

We often pray for Saint Agatha’s intercession in our lives. Saint Agatha is the patron saint of nurses and of breast cancer. Our nurses provide care to so many and they do so with love and respect for each patient. They are with us in our time of need and suffering.


Prayers to Saint Timothy

Saint Timothy is the patron saint of Stomach Disorders as he is known to have suffered from stomach ailments. He is a disciple of St. Paul and is credited as the co-author or several books in the New Testament.


Prayers to Saint Sebastian

St. Sebastian is a very popular patron saint as he is the patron saint of Athletes and Soldiers. Due to his unwaiving commitment to Christ and the courageous way he faced his martyrdom, he serves as an example of true love of God. He is usually depicted standing in front of a tree with an arrow pierced through him.

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