Prayers to Saint Timothy

Saint Timothy is the patron saint of Stomach Disorders as he is known to have suffered from stomach ailments.

He is a disciple of St. Paul and is credited as the co-author or several books in the New Testament.

Prayer to Saint Timothy

Dear Saint,
well known for your gentleness, 
you were a most faithful disciple of 
Saint Paul, and like him, 
traveled much to bring 
the Good News to all people. 
The Letters Paul wrote to you reveal your zeal
and inspire us with confidence in you. 
You too were cast into prison 
and you too gave your life for Christ. 
So with confidence we dare to ask, 
please obtain relief for 
(name of sufferer), 
if it be God's will. 

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Saint Timothy

Saint Timothy

Lord, you blessed St.
Timothy with Apostolic virtues. 
Through his intercession, may 
we be filled with the desire and
will to live good and religious 
lives here on earth and thus be 
worthy of our heavenly on with 
you. Amen. 
St. Timothy, pray for us.

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Saint Timothy