Who is Saint Agatha

Saint Agatha was another martyr of legendary status. Agatha was a Sicilian virgin from a noble family.

She was said to have rejected the advances of the governor of Sicily resulting in the charge of being a Christian. She was threatened with torture if she did not renounce Christ, but her answer was,

“I am a handmaid of Christ & bear the appearance of a slave, which is of the highest nobility.”

Saint Agatha was held in prison while being repeatedly tortured, yet she held true to Christ knowing her place in Heaven with the Martyrs was awaiting her arrival.

Returning to prison she prayed and in the night apostle Peter appeared and miraculously healed her body. 4 days later as she was brought before the amazed judge, he ordered her rolled over glass and coal. At that moment a violent earthquake rocked the city. As she was taken back to her cell, she offered her dying prayer:

“O Lord Jesus Christ, good Master, I give You thanks that You granted me victory of the executioners’ tortures. Grant now that I may happily dwell in Your never-ending glory.”

Saint Agatha is the Patron Saint of Nurses & Breast Cancer

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