November is Gratitude Month

The month of November is a great time to focus on gratitude. I teach my Sunday School students to learn this phrasing from Psalm 136: “We give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love endures forever!”

It’s good to remind kids every day about how much we have to be grateful for.

Here’s our list of Gratitude

  • We are grateful for a cat who keeps us on our toes! The big, fat cat, will sleep close to your face purring. But the proximity is not for showing affection, instead, when he sees an eyelid flutter he tries to stop the motion. Fortunately, he keeps his claws in!
  • We are grateful for our barn even though the roof is falling, because it hasn’t caved in and it still keeps the hay dry.
  • We are grateful for the thousands of books we have in our house because it gives us an excuse not to buy furniture…there would be no room for it!
  •  We are grateful for the old dog our elderly neighbor left behind when she moved into the big city…the old dog is unable to jump up on people, in contrast to the excitable puppy.
  • We try to be grateful for the excitable puppy who turns one year old this month. She’s got to have something in her mouth at all times, which is reminiscent of her teenage owner. Peter is always eating! We stay stocked in stuffed toys for the dog, and granola bars for her owner!
  • We are grateful for the excuse, “There is no money, honey” so we don’t have to even think about buying the new technology fads that come along, for the teenager who wishes she had what other’s have. One child begs for it. But we are grateful that the other child yawns over it!
  • We are grateful that our children are now teenagers. (Did I really say that?!) There are only a few more years of insanity left!
  • We are grateful for Church because it is “Mom’s second home.” The kids like to say, “Do you know where your Mom is at? At least we know!”
  • We are grateful for GPS because Mom only gets lost half the time (instead of ALL the time) when she goes into the “big city” now.
  • We are grateful for a “trac phone” because we have “no plan” to keep paying, when we don’t use it much.
  • We are grateful for neighbors. When the barn roof was flapping in the wind, the neighbor quietly went and pounded it back in place. Only a glance out the window revealed who that secret helper was.

We give thanks to the Lord for He is all Good. Look at the Love that endures forever!