Our Prayer for the Victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School

Prayers for Sandy Hook Elementary SchoolChildren of Light

The Friday killings of 1st grade children in Connecticut is a fearful thing that has shaken our country. It is a stark reminder that evil exists. For children to be murdered…there can be no reason or sense.

The souls of children are pure and the devil hates that purity. But the clean hearts of children will shine through any bloodshed.

Blessed José Luis Sánchez del Río, age 14, and St. Maria Goretti, age 11, are two children who were tortured and murdered in the 20th century. Their faith shined through the darkness of death. These young saints call us to persevere in faith, prayer and love for Our Suffering Savior. We pray to them now for help in healing.

Jesus made the greatest acts of generosity and love the world has ever seen. He who is God, King, Lord and Ruler, came to earth as a vulnerable baby, born in the poorest of circumstances. He came to give hope to the hopeless, to bring light into darkness, and to let us know that no matter how atrocious the devil can be when he takes over human hearts, no matter what the devil does, Jesus conquers death and rewards the pure of heart.

Blessed Jose Luis and St. Maria pray for our country and help the families who are in shock and grief.