Prayers to Saint Cecilia

Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of Musicians and Singers. She was given away for marriage by her parents to Valerian. She told her husband the secret that she has an angel protecting her from being touched by anybody. In order to see the angel he believed in God and was baptized. She spent the rest of her life converting several people to Christianity. She was arrested and was condemned to be sacrificed to suffocate in the baths of the city. However, she survived and was sentenced to be beheaded. After three strikes she was only injured but didn't die. After three days, she died.

Saint Cecilia

O glorious Saint, who chose to die
instead of denying your King. 
We pray you please to help us
as His fair praise we sing!
We lift our hearts in joyous song 
to honor Him this way.
And while we sing, remembering
to sing is to doubly pray.
At once in our hearts and our
tongues we offer double prayer
Sent heavenward on winged notes
to praise God dwelling there.
While with our hearts and tongues
we try with song to praise God twice.
We ask dear Saint to help us be
united close with Christ!

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Saint Cecilia

Prayer to Saint Cecilia

O glorious St. Cecilia, virgin and
martyr, you won the martyr's crown
without renouncing your love for
Jesus, the delight of your soul. We 
ask that you help us to be faithful in
our love for Jesus, that, in the
communion of the saints, we may 
praise Him twice in our song of
rejoicing for the Blood that He shed
which gave us the grace to accomplish
His will on earth.

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Saint Cecilia