Prayers to Saint Juan Diego

Saint Juan Diego is the patron saint of Americans and Natives. Juan Diego was a married farmer with no children. He converted to the Faith at an older age. He is most known for his vision of Our Lady in a small town north of Mexico City. She left behind an image that became known as Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Words from Our Lady of Guadalupe

to St. Juan Diego

"Listen my son to what I tell you now.

Do not be troubled or disturbed by anything;

Do not fear illness

or any other occurrence of pain.

Am I not your Mother?

Am I not life and health?

Have I not placed you on my lap

and made you my responsibility?

Do you need anything else?"

O St. Juan Diego, help me to always bear in mind the words to you of our heavenly Mother and in so doing be drawn closer to Her and Jesus as you were.

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Prayer to Saint Juan Diego

O St. Juan Diego, in appearances of
Our Lady of Guadalupe,

you, a humble peasant,

were chosen as Her messenger.
Your faithfulness in this task

is evident still today,
in the miraculous image the Virgin
left upon your tilma.
Intercede for me, I pray,
that I might have your childlike trust
in the Mother of God,
and that my heart might respond to her
maternal promptings.
Through such simple confidence,
obedience, and love,
may I join you one day
in sharing everlasting joy,
where our heavenly Mother reigns
in the glory of Her Son.

Canonized a Saint - July, 2002

Share St. Juan's confidence, obedience and joy in one day knowing the everlasting love of the Blessed Mother and her Son.

Saint Juan Diego Prayer Card
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