Prayers to Saint Mark

Saint Mark the Evangelist is the patron saint of notaries and lawyers. Mark was the disciple of Saint Peter the Apostle and went on a Christian mission with Saint Paul and his cousin Saint Barnabas. He is the author of Mark’s Gospel, which is one of the four gospels in the New Testament.

Prayer to Saint Mark

O Glorious St. Mark
through the grace
of God, our Father,
you became a great Evangelist,
preaching the
Good News of Christ. 
May you help us to know Him
well so that we may faithfully
live our lives as followers of

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Saint Mark
Saint Mark

Prayer to Saint Mark

You are our Saviour,
our hope and our life.
Thank you
for watching over us
as we learn and play.
Thank you for our patron,
Saint Mark, and his gospel stories.
His words about You show us
how to be respectful, loving
and peaceful.
Please be with us in all we do​,
so that we make choices that honor You. We ask this, in Your name. Amen.

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Saint Mark