Who is Saint Barbara? Find Out in 60 Seconds

Hi, and welcome to Saint Feast Days in 60 Seconds from the Catholic Faith Store. Saint Barbara was the daughter of a Pagan man who worshiped false Gods. She was very beautiful and he had her enclosed in a tower, locked away, from the snares of men. During this time in the tower she secretly became a Christian and vowed virginity. During one of his absences, she had a third window put in the tower to honor the Holy Trinity. And even adorned her bath with a cross.

The Father of Saint Barbara Was Not Happy

When her father returned home to see this, he was very angry and sent her in front of
the Magistrate who found her guilty and tortured her. Her father was the one that actually took up the sword and cut off her head. Saint Barbara is the Patron Saint against death from fire, explosions and many other things. We at the Catholic Faith Store thank you for watching our video. We hope you have a joyful and peaceful holiday season.