Who is Saint Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas taught philosophy and theology with such genius that he is considered one of the leading Christian thinkers.

He ranks among the greatest writers and theologians of all time. His most important work, the Summa Theologica, an explanation of the entire body of Catholic teaching, has been standard for centuries.

He inspired others by how he suffering with the poor in his efforts to alleviate their needs. Gladly giving his clothing or goods to them and keeping nothing unnecessary for himself.

Saint Thomas Aquinas died in 1274, at the age of fifty, in the abbey of Fossa Nuova.After he died his lifelong companion testified, “I have always known him to be as innocent as a five-year-old child. Never did a carnal temptation soil his soul, never did he consent to a mortal sin.” He cherished a most tender devotion to St. Agnes, constantly carrying relics of this virgin martyr on his person.

St. Thomas Aquinas is the patron saint of schools and of sacred theology.

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