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Do you forget to pray? A prayer altar is a visual reminder to pray

How many times have you watched an old movie or read a historical novel and told yourself, “I don’t know how they did it back then.” You can’t imagine living during a time where you had to wash and dry your clothes without the help of your energy-efficient washer and dryer, or prepare dinner minus […]


The Mystery of the Trinity

My husband is in the hospital with a serious medical condition. The doctors put him on some heavy duty drugs because of the pain. So he drifts in and out of being lucid. I thought it might help him to think of something besides his illness. So I asked him, “How do I explain the […]


Mercy is Divine

How awesome is God’s mercy! Only a God of Love would extend mercy to sinners like us. Since the beginning of time, humans have ignored, disobeyed or turned cruelly against our Creator and Lord. Sometimes, these sins have happened right after God makes His presence known in a spectacular manner. Imagine being there when God […]

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