How To Pray The Rosary Infographic

​The definitive explanation on how to Pray the Rosary

​We have been told that this is by far the best graphic representation of how to pray the rosary there is. We welcome and encourage you, especially if you are a church or school, to link to this page and share it with all.

Author: Stephen Connelly

Stephen was born in Ireland but now calls Massachusetts home. He is married and together they have four children. Stephen loves writing, especially on his favorite subject Catholicism, and we are extremely fortunate that he has chosen to write for the Catholic Faith Store.

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  • Dee Morris says:

    Exactly what I needed! Thank you.i

  • Elba R Glass says:

    I am ashamed to admit I need this guide. Thank You very much.

  • Terri Beck says:

    This beautiful chart answers questions I’ve had for years. Thank you!

  • Isaac Massawe says:

    stay blessed

  • Isaac Massawe says:

    GOD bless you all

  • Sally Moodley says:

    Awesome. May God bless you. Thanks

  • Laura says:

    Thank you for this guide to the rosary,I will be going through my second year of RICA

  • Carol says:

    I am 57 and becoming a Catholic thank you for this rosary guide ,Very easy to understand.

  • Flo says:

    Thanks for sharing this is the best rosary guide of seen to teach kids.

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