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An Instrument of God’s Love and Guidance

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Our mothers play a valuable, even irreplaceable, role in our lives.

Children will always carry with them the influence that their mothers had in their lives and this influence shapes the way they act and behave as adults. This is why being a Catholic mom is a remarkable honor for us women to have. We are gifted with a precious life that we must care for and look after not only its physical and emotional needs, but also its spiritual well being.

In time for Mother’s Day, let’s look at some Bible teachings on motherhood; most of which come through the example of the extraordinary life of Mary, the Holy Mother of God.


Motherhood is a challenging responsibility and raising a family in today’s complex world makes the role of Catholic moms even more daunting.

Isn’t it courage that makes a mother send her children out into the world from a little age? And, through all the little connections their young minds start to make, which guide them to count their blessings and to accept the kind of plans that God has for their lives in troubling times?

Fear is a normal human reaction; Mary felt fearful the first time she received news of God’s purpose for her life and rightly so. During her time, women did not have equal status as men. Getting pregnant out of wedlock had very grave implications especially for Mary who came from humble beginnings. And, when she was about to give birth, the Holy Mother had to flee to Egypt to escape Herod’s wrath.

Indeed Mary was caught up in extraordinarily difficult times. Taking a long-lens view we see now that she dared to become extraordinary by finding courage in the Lord. As a result, she was able to fulfill her duties as a woman and mother with grace and honor.

In challenging times it is this personal connection with the Lord that first gives Catholic mothers the courage and strength ourselves. It is only when we feel strong enough ourselves that we can indeed pass on courage to our children.

Deep faith

Faith is at the center of the life of every Catholic mom as it was in the life of Mary. Faith enabled her to believe in God’s amazing promise - for her to be the Blessed Virgin Mother. Without her steadfast faith, Mary might have run away from such a strange and even impossible promise.

With a daily commitment to deepen our faith, transformation happens inside us. Especially when the effort comes from a place of sincerity. In the face of such deep faith, seemingly impossible situations don’t feel hopeless anymore.

The following are some of simple ways we can deepen our faith:

Set aside time to pray daily

Prayer is an intimate conversation with God. Being a mom can be challenging and prayer is our way of pouring our deepest concerns to Him. The more we reach out to our Almighty Father, the more our faith in Him grows.

Our prayer time may be likened to spending quality time with someone we love. It helps cultivate a deeper bond and nourish a truly valued connection.

Read Catholic books and devotionals

Reading books about our religion and faith will help us know more about our Holy Father.

When you read spiritual books, take time to reflect and think about how the passages and stories relate to your struggles as a Catholic mom. Many books and devotionals come in interactive formats that help facilitate thoughtful reflection.

Be active in your church community

Being a part of a church is not just about attending mass regularly. It is cultivating deep connections with other members of our spiritual family. Ask your parish if you can participate in a ministry or serve the church in some way.

By nurturing relationships with people in our church we surround ourselves with people who share our Christian outlook. We can then start helping each other in the journey through motherhood. As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.”


Mary was entrusted with a magnificent gift from the Lord- that of becoming Jesus’ mother. Although she was clearly favored, she did not display any arrogance or sense of entitlement. Mary never used her God-given purpose to act superior over her husband or the people around her. In fact, she accepted her new role with a servant’s heart.

Luke 1:38 reads:

Mary said, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word.” Then the angel departed from her.

Mary’s response to God’s calling is certainly inspiring for mothers everywhere. Humility purifies the soul and clears our vision.

When we are humble, we set aside our selfish needs. We put others first and serve with whole hearted devotion. This is the purest definition of what it means to be a Catholic mom.

Mary’s humble spirit is a beautiful reminder that motherhood is both a gift and a responsibility. Mothers are an instrument of God’s love and guidance to children so their roles must be carried out in full obedience to the plans of the Lord.

What is the most beautiful thing that your mother has done for you? How do you plan to honor your mother this Mother’s Day?

  • Vicki Grant says:

    As a Catholic mother I am honored by my family on Mothers Day today. I almost became a nun but decided to marry and have children instead and I am glad I did. Two granddaughters were confirmed in the Church recently.

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