National Nurse Day Prayer

National Nurse Day Prayer

Thank a nurse today! Nurse Day Prayer

Let us pray for the wonderful things they do!

Dear Lord,
Please help all nurses to receive the sick in Thy Name.
Give their efforts success for the glory of Thy holy Name.
It is Thy work: without Thee, they cannot succeed.
Grant that the sick Thou hast placed in a nurse’s care may be abundantly blessed,
and not one of them be lost because of any neglect.
Give our nurses grace, for the sake of Thy sick ones
and of those lives that will be influenced by them.

Learn about Saint Agatha, the Patron Saint of Nurses in this 60 second video.

Author: Stephen Connelly

Stephen was born in Ireland but now calls Massachusetts home. He is married and together they have four children. Stephen loves writing, especially on his favorite subject Catholicism, and we are extremely fortunate that he has chosen to write for the Catholic Faith Store.

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