October 7th is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

We live 40 miles away from the nearest big city. So driving on the highway is a way of life. On the days when I go into “the amazing town” (as my daughter used to call it), I find my mind filled with worries and random thoughts.  It’s really amazing what twists and turns the mind can take when left to wander at random!

Do you find that to be true?

I was driving down the road, alone in the car, when thoughts about my high school days appeared in my mind and that was a LONG time ago. Then came concerns about school for the kids; then plans for things coming up in our family. I was anticipating conversations that never happened and replaying old conversations that I wished had gone a different way.

Most of this “mind scramble” is totally worthless—some of it is even sinful. It diminishes hope, creates anxiety and dwells in the past. That’s where the rosary comes in. The rosary is repetitive specifically for that reason. The repetitions lull the “mind scramble” into submission. Then we can focus on trusting in Jesus and turning out lives over to Him. Our Heavenly Mother wants us to do this. The rosary is her gift to us to help us in this process.

Recently, I’ve been mulling over a problem. I was desperate for an answer. I’ve done research. I’ve asked others for help. I have thought about it. But the answers aren’t there. It came to me that the rosary is what’s needed. I must turn it over now to the Heavenly Hosts.

Our Church just celebrated the feast of the Archangels on Sept. 29 and the feast of the Guardian Angels on Oct. 2.  And now we have the wonderful Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. These three in a row are reminders that we are TOTALLY SURROUNDED with help. So why obsess?!

I tell you, this message hit me like a splash of water today!

I was flipping through a book and came across this message written to myself a few years ago: “Adam and Eve were perfectly happy with God in a beautiful Garden–until they were tempted to try and play God. They thought control and power would give them something more, and that led to the Fall. This pattern keeps repeating over and over. The only answer is to Let God be God. Surrender to Him.”

Mother Mary knew this of course. And she keeps trying to tap shoulders to say, “Remember truth. We are here to help you.”

When Brigit was about 7, she tried to put a halter on the goat so she could tie it to a sled and be pulled around the yard. Instead, the goat got scared and the ropes got tangled around Brigit’s legs. The more she and the goat tried to resolve their separate problems, the worse the tangles became.  And then the goat started to run down the field to get away.  Brigit would have been dragged along if help didn’t arrive.

Brigit was yelling, pulling and trying her best t get away but she only made things worse. Fortunately, she had “angels” nearby. Her big brother Peter and I stopped the goat from running.  “Quiet. Wait. It’s going to be OK,” I kept saying as Peter ran for scissors.

I can hear Our Heavenly Mother saying that same thing now, “Quiet. Wait. Trust. I am here. All is well.”

Let’s pray the rosary this month and remember to thank the Heavenly Hosts for surrounding us with beautiful help and guidance!