Prayer for September 11th – We Remember

Prayer for this Day

Dear Heavenly Father,

We turn to You, Lord, on this day of remembrance.  It was eleven years ago that our country was attacked and plunged into fear and mourning. Yet, You in Your infinite wisdom, brought us together during that time. We were, for awhile, no longer Democrats or Republicans. We were no longer Black, Hispanic, Asian or Caucasian….instead we were united as one people. We stood together as Americans to comfort those who were grieving and to proclaim a love for this proud country.

Today we ask You to guide us back to this sense of unity. We are a sinful people…always straying and turning our backs on Your help and presence. But we are also a people of great generosity and kindness. In Your mercy, forgive our sinfulness and guide us in this journey Home to You.

We pray for our country that we remember and affirm once again…we are “one nation under God.” You are our guide and protector. We look to You alone for help through these difficult times. We pray for a return to the values of Family, Faith and Morality.

In Jesus name we pray.