Prayers to Saint Maria Goretti

Saint Maria Goretti is known for her intercession for mercy, forgiveness, love, purity and chastity. She is our patron saint of the youth and rape victims. She was born to a poor Italian family and at the age of twelve was attacked by her teenage neighbor. He tried to rape her and when unsuccessful, he stabbed her fourteen times and killed her.

She forgave him on her deathbed and returned to him in a vision, upon which he converted to the Faith.

Saint Maria Goretti

Heroic and angelic Saint Maria
Goretti, we kneel before you to
honor your persevering fortitude and 
to beg your gracious aid. Teach us 
a deep love for the precepts of our 
Holy Church; help us to see in them 
the very voice of our Father in Heaven. 
May we preserve without stain 
our white baptismal robe of
innocence. May we who have lost
this innocence kneel humbly in Holy 
Penance, and with the absolution of 
the priest, may the torrent of 
Christ's precious Blood flow into our 
souls and give us a new courage to 
carry the burning light of God's love 
through the dangerous highways of 
this life until Christ our king shall call 
us to the courts of Heaven. Amen.

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Saint Maria Goretti
Saint Maria Goretti