Prayers to Saint Matthew

Saint Matthew is the patron saint of accountants and bankers. Matthew was a Galilean tax collector in 63BC. He invited Jesus home for a feast. He was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus.

Prayer to Saint Matthew

O Glorious St. Matthew,
in your Gospel you portray Jesus
as the longed-for Messiah
who fulfilled the Prophets
of the Old Covenant and
as the Lawgiver who founded
a Church of the New Covenant.
Obtain for us the grace to see
Jesus living in His Church and
to follow His teaching in our lives
on Earth so that we may live forever
with Him in heaven.

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Saint Matthew

Prayer to Saint Matthew

O Glorious St. Matthew
through the grace of God 
Our Father you gave us the Holy Gospel,

which brings us joy and life.
Inspired by your example,

I ask for your assistance

in all my needs. 

Help me to follow Christ

and remain faithful to His service.


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Saint Matthew

Saint Matthew​

God of Mercy
You chose a tax collector,
Saint Matthew, to share
the dignity of the apostles. 
By his example 
and prayers help us follow 
Christ and remain faithful in 
Your service.
We ask this through 
Our Lord Jesus Christ, 
Your Son, who lives
and reigns with You 
and the Holy Spirit, 
one God, forever and ever.

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