Prayers to Saint Peter the Apostle

Saint Peter the Apostle is the patron saint of Butchers and Fisherman. St. Peter (Simon Peter) is most known for his three-time denial to Jesus and also known as the Church's first pope. He was crucified upside down for his beliefs.

Novena to Saint Peter

O Holy Apostle,

because you are the Rock

upon which Almighty God

has built His church;

obtain for me I pray you,

lively faith, firm hope

and burning love;
complete detachment from myself, 
contempt of the world,

patience in adversity,

humility in prosperity,
recollection in prayer,

purity of heart,
a right intention in all my works, 
diligence in fulfilling

the duties of my state of life, 

constancy in my resolutions,

resignation to the will of God

and perseverance in the grace of God

even unto death;
that so, by means of your intercession
and your glorious merits, 
I may be worthy

to appear before the chief

and eternal Shepherd of souls,
Jesus Christ, Who with the Father and
the Holy Spirit lives and reigns for ever. 

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Saint Peter
Saint Peter

  • Aiden says:

    Lovely Prayer but please make it easier to read for children and their Saints name for Confirmation.

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