Prayers to Saint Christopher

Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelers. Christopher was a well-built man who came about a hermit who guided travelers to safe points to cross a dangerous river. Christopher took the place of the hermit but instead of guiding travelers to safe places, he would carry them across the river. He once carried a small child who later revealed himself as Christ and baptized Christopher.

The Motorists Prayer

Grant me O Lord a steady hand and watchful eye.
That no one shall be hurt as I pass by.
Thou gavest life, I pray no act of mine may take away or mar that gift of Thine.
Shelter those, dear Lord, who bear my company
From the evils of fire and all calamity.
Teach me to use my car for others need;
Nor miss through love of undue speed
The beauty of the world; that thus I may
With joy and courtesy go on my way.
St. Christopher, holy patron saint of travelers, Protect me.
And lead me safely to my destiny.

Keep the blessings of our Lord and Saint Christopher with you when you travel.

Saint Christopher

Prayer to Saint Christopher

Dear Saint,
you have inherited

a beautiful name Christopher
as a result of a wonderful legend
that while carrying people
across a raging stream you
also carried the Child Jesus.
Teach us to be true Christbearers
to those who do not know Him. 
Protect all drivers 
who often transport those
who bear Christ within them.

This prayer card and necklace will be the perfect devotional to take with you as you travel.

Saint Christopher

A Driver's Prayer

Dear Lord, before I take my
place today behind the wheel,
please let me come with humble
heart before Thy throne to kneel
and pray that I am fit to drive
each busy thoroughfare, and
that I keep a watchful eye, lest
some small child be there.

And keep me thinking
constantly about the Golden
Rule, when driving past the
playground zones or by some
busy school. Then when I stop to
give someone his right to cross
the street, let me by brother's
keeper be and spare a life that's

Please make me feel this car I
drive, You gave me to enjoy, and
that its purpose is to serve
mankind not to destroy.


This prayer card serves as a beautiful daily reminder to pray before you drive.

Saint Christopher
Saint Christopher

  • Joanne says:

    Please st. Christopher help me to drive with confidence, and take away any anxiety. Please grant me courage and protection. Thank you.

  • Sharon says:

    Please St. Christopher, always keep my son and all those around him safe while he is on his motorcycle, or driving his vehicle. Please keep my family and loved ones safe in travel and please let us not hurt others.

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