Who is Saint Lucy? Find out in 60 seconds

Who is Saint Lucy and what is she known for? Find out in 60 seconds.

St. Lucy was born in Sicily, where she also died. She was of a noble Greek family, and was brought up as a Christian by her mother.

Lucy’s mother was suffering from hemorrhage which guided them to visit St. Agatha. After praying devoutly at the tomb, Agatha appeared to her in a dream and consoled her. Her mother was miraculously cured and Lucy asked permission to vow virginity and giver her wealth to Christ’s poor.

Lucy was unwillingly betrothed by her parents to an unworthy youth that denounced her to the Governor of Sicily once he found out about her Christianity and charity.

The Governor of Sicily, aflame with anger sent her to an unholy place to receive her punishments.

They poured heated pitch and resin over her and built a fire around her, yet God held her solidly in place, unmovable by anyone attempting to harm her.

When she had endured all this without the least injury, they pierced her throat with a sword. Thus she victoriously ended her martyrdom.

Saint Lucy is the patron Saint of the blind. On her feast day, say a prayer to St. Lucy for those who are physically and spiritually blind.

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    Awesone story however st.agatha is my patron saint and she is a part of my heart…she can help you with anything as well aa the blessed mother…catholic history is beautiful

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